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    Perfecting Beauty Through Medicine

    The advances in medicine and technology over the last several years have led to an unprecedented ability for experienced clinicians to expand offerings to clients that were not possible just a short time ago.

    After years of clinical refinement of surgical, gynecological and obstetrical techniques honed over time through the ongoing practice of medicine, Dr. van Wert found the opportunity to offer a broader range of therapies to his patients and the general community. His experience with years of advanced laparoscopic surgery, coupled with the great trust he has earned from his patients, has given him the unique perspective from which to more completely meet the needs of today's woman.

    The Cascades MedSpa Orlando mission is to work with our patients from the inside out. We aim to help the total woman and meet as many of her needs as possible in one location. Consultations are always available at no charge for any of our services.

    Dr. van Wert Cascades Med Spa Orlando
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