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Laser Toenail Treatments: the Cutera Solution

Yellow, brittle, crumbling toenails are ugly and, for many people, embarrassing. The fungal infections that cause nail breakdowns are stubborn and hard to eliminate with topical medications. Oral anti-fungals are also effective, but you have to remember to take a pill every day for multiple weeks for the medicine to work. New technology, however, is changing the face of fungal toenail treatment. The Cutera GenesisPlus is a cutting-edge laser designed for doctors to take on your nail infections.

The Best Technology—Trusting Cutera with your Nails

Dr. John van Wert is dedicated to the best treatment for every patient he sees. That is why he trusts the Cutera laser. Cutera has been in the business of laser and light medical technology since the late 1990s, founded by two of the engineers who pioneered light equipment that have since become established standards in the medical community. A leader in the industry, the company participates in clinical studies, provides training to use their equipment, and sends out expert service teams to clinics to handle machinery issues.

Light in Focus—How it Works

The Cutera laser focuses a narrow beam of intense light through the toenail to irradiate the fungus underneath. This kills the fungi living under the nail, allowing new, healthy nail tissue to grow in and push the nail damaged by the infection out. Because the highly focused light heats the nail, the Cutera device has an integrated sensor that monitors the temperature of the area being treated. This allows the doctor to adjust the laser parameters according to how you are feeling, to keep the procedure as comfortable as possible.

The procedure is noninvasive with no post-procedure recovery time preventing you from working. Most cases are resolved with one to two laser treatments, along with follow up appointments with specialist Dr. Pandya to make sure your nails are re-growing properly. More severe infections may require more treatments.

All New Nails—Re-growing Healthy Nail Tissue

The Cutera laser procedure is generally effective right away, destroying the micro-organisms causing the infection. New nail growth—infection free—is usually visible after just a month or two while the nail grows! In anywhere from 6-12 months, your nails should have grown back healthier and as beautiful as ever. Sanitizing your shoes is also an important part of recovery. The Sterishoe UV light treatment kills the organisms festering in your footwear and helps you avoid reinfection. With the right follow up care and prevention, you can stay free of fungus.

Fungal toenail infections do not get better if you leave them alone—they only get worse without treatment. Living with ugly and even uncomfortable toenails does not have to be a fact of your life. If you already have or think you might be developing a fungal nail infection, don’t wait for it to take over your toes before getting help.

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