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KLM, Orlando, FL
(17 year old male patient)

Before the procedure, every time I went to the beach it was hard to take off my shirt or play or play volleyball, so right when I got out of the water I went directly for my shirt.

After having the procedure done, I went without a shirt for almost the whole day at the beach and I now hate to play beach volleyball with a shirt on.

So LipoSelection has made an extreme difference in my life.

S. H., Oviedo, FL

I had my LipoSelection procedure for my “banana rolls,” which is the excess fat in the area between the buttock and the back of the thigh. LipoSelection was perfect for achieving the more contoured look I wanted. My weight is normal but no amount of exercise seemed to smooth out those rolls. I’m very happy with my results.

The procedure lasted about 1 ½ hours from start to finish. I was awake and did not feel pain, thanks to some local anesthesia. Dr. van Wert and the staff made me feel very comfortable and at ease. There was no bruising and the results were very evident the next day when I returned to the office for my post op visit.

I was able to return to work after only two days and was exercising two weeks later. The results are incredible and my clothes already fit so much better. Thank you Dr. van Wert and Staff for providing the LipoSelection procedure and the instant confidence boost!

R. H., Orlando, FL

I had the lower part of my stomach done and what is laughingly referred to as “love handles”. Already I have been asked if I was on a diet, my sons’ friends noticing, asked “is your mom losing weight?” It’s been a lot of fun, even while going for a walk with my grandson my neighbor stopped and commented that I should keep up what I’m doing, one has even asked my secret!

I was a little apprehensive, but the discomfort was minimal. There were a few days after the procedure that had me feeling slightly flu like, but that was the extent of the greatest discomfort. While Dr. John van Wert and his team Katy and Terrye Ann were working on me they had soothing music playing, were always attentive, and kept up a friendly banter. Dr. van Wert has a great technique with forming, smoothing, and contouring all the while he is explaining what he is doing, and what to expect next.

One week after the procedure my stomach has already started to noticeably flatten, and my waist is clearly more defined. I am told that the end results will be seen closer to three months, I can’t wait!

At the Cascades MedSpa @ Premier OB-GYN of Orlando, Dr. van Wert has put together a great team of employees. They are attentive, friendly and very efficient. They come across as very caring, from the receptionist to the last person you see when you pay your bill. I was nervous before going through the doors, but was comfortable within five minutes of the doors closing behind me.