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What exactly is Thermage?
Thermage is an established radio frequency treatment that transmutes skin by working underneath the surface and addresses an extensive array of surface inadequacies that arise from age and environmental elements. Advantages include the ironing of crinkly or uneven skin, better delineation of facial features around the eyes, jaw and neckline and even the ironing and toning of hideous bulges, dimples and crinkles on the face and body. Thermage radio frequency energy works with your body, renovating your collagen to aid your skin get that suave feel and young-looking appearance you desire. It treats targeted problematic regions so the outcomes are focused and effective.

Thermage treatments are all about energy, directing radiofrequency energy to kick start the body’s own natural revitalization procedure. Like most smart technologies, the procedure is comparatively simple. It is a blend of heat energy to treat profound tissue, and cooling effects, to guard the skin surface and deliver improved patient comfort. Even so, it is imperative to remember every patient’s situations are different, so for details, it is best to consult a reliable Thermage physician.

Treatment facts

  • Duration: Thermage treatments take normally 45 minutes for eyes or face and up to 90 minutes for bigger body regions.
  • Treatment schedule: One treatment is all you will require to see and feel actual outcomes.
  • Results: Maximum patients can see and feel Thermage outcomes in a jiffy after treatment, in as little as one day. Continual improvements and contouring can materialize for up to six months as your body renews collagen. Your body essentially yields new collagen which is how the collagen matrix solidifies and crafts a smoothing effect. Even better, outcomes can last years.
  • Comfort: Make sure to ask if your doctor has the state-of-the-art Thermage technology that adds a mild vibration sensation and sprinkled cooling spurts that give you even more comfort during treatment. You will feel cooling and heating vibrations during each pulsation. Throughout the process, your doctor will ask for feedback on the level of heat sensation to aid balance your comfort with thoroughgoing outcomes. After treatment, your skin may be somewhat red, but maximum individuals recommence regular activities instantaneously after treatment. There is normally no retrieval time or special follow-up care.


Thermage Skin Tightening at Cascades Medspa Orlando
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