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IPL PhotoFacial Benefits vs. Side Effects & Cost

What is IPL?

IPL stands for “intense pulsed light”, you may also know it as PhotoFacial. IPL or PhotoFacial is a skin rejuvenation procedure utilizing pulses of light to treat various skin conditions. Unlike lasers, IPL uses multiple wavelengths of light with specialized filters to deliver just the right energy to treat your specific skin condition. Each pulse delivers light into your skin to target issues like brown spots, sun damage, and vascular lesions.

When treating benign pigmented areas, the light is absorbed by the melanin damaging the tissue. Vessels work similarly whereby the blood within the vessel absorbs the light causing the walls of the vessels to be damaged and they collapse to be reabsorbed by your body. In both instances the body begins the process of getting rid of the damaged tissue and/or vessels, leaving your skin free of those dark spots and red vessels.

Over the next several days and up to a week post IPL, you will notice the brown spots darken in color and eventually flake off. Your vessels should show immediate improvement with continued results over the next few weeks.

*Keep in mind that you should have a visit with your dermatologist prior to getting an IPL PhotoFacial to make sure all dark spots are benign.

IPL PhotoFacial Benefits

IPL PhotoFacials are perfect for skin conditions like uneven pigmentation due to sun damage and age spots, rosacea, uneven skin texture, large pore size, facial vessels, and problems with skin tone and laxity. Benefits of an IPL PhotoFacial include:

  • Firmer, tighter skin
  • Brighter, more even tone (brown spots/sundamage)
  • Reduced redness
  • Improved texture
  • Reduced pore size

IPL PhotoFacial Side Effects

After an IPL PhotoFacial, some patients might experience, swelling and inflammation. Your skin could feel dry and tight, and if you have sun damage those areas will darken and then crust and flake off over several days. The side effects are not major and are very brief, but they are worth noting in the event you do experience them. The results are totally worth it!

Post-treatment, you will want to wait until any redness resolves before applying makeup to the treated area and avoid sun exposure on the treated area. It will be mandatory to wear a sunscreen with SPF 45 or higher at all times throughout the course of your IPL treatment. It is also advisable that you wear sunscreen from here on out as well so that your skin is protected from future sundamage.

*Another important note is that IPL is not appropriate for darker skin types.  In the event IPL is used on darker skin you could experience hyperpigmentation, which could lead to hypopigmentation, or the loss of skin color. It is also possible for those with darker skin to experience a burn from IPL PhotoFacial.

IPL, when performed properly, is a safe procedure for skin types I-III. Be sure to visit an experienced skin specialist to make sure you are a candidate for IPL, and you’ll love the results.

IPL PhotoFacial Cost

Costs can vary for IPL. PhotoFacials can be purchased as single treatments or in packages, but you typically pay less per treatment when purchasing in a package than you would when buying single treatments. Like most skin procedures, a series of IPL is recommended for best results.

The number of treatments you will need will depend on the skin issues you are trying to correct. Your skin specialist will be able to guide you in determining how many treatments you will need for your desired results.

Based on 177 reviews submitted on RealSelf, the typical cost for an IPL PhotoFacial ranges from $50 to $1,500, averaging $450. The average price on RealSelf is listed at $450 in nearby areas, including August, Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee.

IPL PhotoFacial at Cascades MedSpa

At Cascades MedSpa, we offer both single treatments and packages of 4. For example, a single session IPL treatment for the face costs $300, while a package of 3 costs $1,000. We have combination packages as well, including a combination of face and neck and a combination of face, neck, and chest. We can treat most areas of the body with IPL, including hands, shoulders, arms, legs, chest, face and neck.

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